The Era of Creativity: A New Business Paradigm

The digital transformation has revolutionised the way we work and innovation has become one of the key success factors today. Companies are forced to change and to innovate. To do so successfully they need to be aware that new ideas and innovation can only develop in a corporate culture that promotes creativity. Culturesphere helps companies and organisations to foster their innovation culture with a focus on activating their internal creative potential. Our unique proposition: Utilizing the effective approaches and the distinct strategies from art, craft and design culture to enhance employee’s creative confidence and to unlock their innovation capabilities.

The Power of People

People, with their creativity and talent, their engagement and motivation, determine business success today. Making full use of a company’s internal innovation capabilities and intellectual resources is essential for achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage. Companies therefore need to be concerned with both individual and team innovation abilities, employees’ willingness to innovate and the necessary framework conditions to think and act creatively.

The Art of Mastering Creative Thinking

Creativity can’t be ordered or forced, however, it can be nurtured. It is directly influenced by atmospheres and environments. In order for it to thrive, it requires specific inspirational and emotional frameworks, and enabling processes. Let’s learn from the masters of creativity: Artists and designers are experts in associative thinking, storytelling, experimenting, risk-taking, and are well-equipped for dealing with uncertainty and decision-making in complex conditions. The engagement with art, craft and design culture therefore offers here a unique proposition.

Environment, Process, Talent

There are three distinct spheres to be considered when enhancing corporate creativity. Environment: Enabling psychological and physical conditions. Process: Enabling and structured methods and tools. Talent: Enabling employees and fostering their abilities, wellbeing and happiness. Culturesphere offers a holistic approach that considers all three spheres as interconnected and crucial for successfully building a sustainable innovation culture.

Spheres of Innovation Culture

To create new ideas and innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world, companies and organisations need to provide the conditions for new kinds of thinking and collaboration across a diversity of perspectives. Culturesphere helps companies and organisations to foster their innovation culture with a focus on developing new cultural practices, mindsets, skills, methods and tools to activate their employee’s creative potential. Culturesphere utilizes the effective approaches and the distinct strategies from art, craft and design to support the essential spheres of innovation culture: Environment, Process and Talent.

Culturesphere, Emmanuel Heringer, Gmund Paper, Ingrid Ruegemer, Oliver Szasz

Innovative thinking can only flourish in conditions, that provide room for experimentation, encourage openness for ideas, allow freedom to fail and to learn, and last but not least, provoke new perspectives.

Culturesphere supports companies in their quest to create unique work environments and creative atmospheres that nurture new ways of thinking and a creative attitude.

Our unique interventions and installations help to communicate corporate values and utilize the power of metaphors. They make abstract visions tangible and support a positive employee branding experience.

Our Expertise:
• Curated Art & Design Exhibitions
• Bespoke Art Installations
• Art Placements

Culturesphere - Ingrid Ruegemer - Art, Craft, Design, Material Culture, Sensory, Tactile Thinking, Innovation

Today’s complex challenges ask for enabling methods that encourage a change of perspective, allow creative thinking to thrive and  provide effective tools for idea generation, concept development and strategic decision making processes.

Culturesphere offers custom-tailored workshops that feature practice-based processes and function as catalysts for both individual and organisational creativity, team collaboration, communication and knowledge transfer. We utilize co-creation processes, storytelling and the power of embodied metaphors to make abstract visions tangible.

Our unique workshops foster creative thinking, a shared sense of identity, team building and enhance motivation.

Our Expertise:
• Scenario Building Processes
• Design-Driven Strategy
• Tactile Thinking Approaches
• Collaborative Artefacts
• Co-Created Art Installations
• Embodied Metaphors

Culturesphere - Oliver Szasz - Innovation Culture, Art, Craft, Design, Material Culture

Facilitating learning, dialogue and exchange are essential elements for innovation to thrive in today‘s digital and fast changing world.

Culturesphere provides inspirational platforms and engaging events with internationally renowned practitioners and thinkers to engage in conversations about current topics in the realm of creativity, New Work concepts and innovation.

Our in-house panel talks, conferences, presentations and lectures foster dialogue, learning, cross-fertilization and knowledge exchange.

Our Expertise:
• Panel Talks
• Conferences
• Presentations & Lectures

Innovation is Powered by People

A company’s internal innovation capabilities and intellectual resources are essential for achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing business environment. Employees, with their unique qualifications, experiences and social behavior are the key agents of a company‘s organisational culture. They are the drivers behind innovative products and services. Hence people, with their creativity and talent, their engagement and motivation, determine business success today. Culturesphere therefore focuses on enabling people and on fostering powerful and precious intangible and intellectual assets that help innovation to thrive. Our activities have positive effects on:

Human Capital

• Employee Engagement
• Employee Loyalty
• Employee Wellbeing
• Motivation
• Flexibility
• Creativity

Relational Capital

• Brand Image
• Customer Engagement
• Social Networks
• Informal Relationship
• Trust

Structural Capital

• Organisational Culture
• Corporate Values
• Informal Routines
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Shared Sense of Identity

In Practice: Examples of Recent Projects

Seeding Sustainable Futures was a two-stage project conceived for the Bavarian Academy for Environment, Health and Sustainable Development. The project addressed opportunities of digital change in connection with sustainable developement goals in companies and organisations. In stage one over 150 participants crafted a collaborative art installation consisting of individually hand modeled clay seeds. The aim of the Seeding Sustainable Futures workshop was to provide a positive collective experience and to create a physical metaphor that communicates on an emotional and symbolic level rather than on a rational and abstract level.

Culturesphere, Seeding Sustainable Futures, Ingrid Ruegemer, Oliver Szasz, Innovation, Tactile Thinking, Co-Creation, Art, Craft

Seeding Sustainable Futures was a project conceived for the Bavarian Academy for Environment, Health and Sustainable Development. During a one-day workshop hundreds of hand made clay seeds were created and displayed in form of an outdoor art installation. At the end of the workshop day the seeds got divided among the participating consultancy firms and were taken to their new homes – to about 60 consultancy offices across Bavaria – where they act as a physical manifestation of the collective experience and help to sustain a shared sense of awareness for sustainable behavior.

Culturesphere, Gmund Papier, Werner Kroener, Reinhold Ludwig, Art Aurea, Bernd Thiedmann, Oliver Szasz

Culturespere hosted a panel talk with renowned speakers from the corporate sector, journalism, science and art discussed the topic: John Wai Lam, Global Client Collaboration, Steelcase – Reinhold Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Art Aurea – Prof. Werner Kroener, Creativity Researcher and Artist – Bernd Thiedmann, Coach and Director, Mensch und Veränderung. The panel talk was part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2019.

Culturesphere - Crafting New Perspectives - Ingrid Ruegemer, Oliver Szasz, Gmund Paper, Michal Fargo, Stewart Hearn, Emmanuel Heringer, Susanne Holzinger, Cecil Kemperink, Richard McVetis, Laurenz Stockner, Peter Vogel

The exhibition presented eight award-winning artists, whose individual methods and exceptional approaches trigger new thinking and make fundamental principles of innovation tangible. Artists: Michal Fargo, Stewart Hearn, Emmanuel Heringer, Susanne Holzinger, Cecil Kemperink, Richard McVetis, Laurenz Stockner, Peter Vogel. The exhibition was part of Munich Creative Business Week 2019 and was hosted by GMUND Paper.

TRADITION & INNOVATION – Multisensory Installation

The installation Tradition & Innovation made the traditional craft of papermaking and the innovative world of Gmund Paper tangible for all senses.  The installation was conceived and realised by Culturesphere in cooperation with GMUND Paper and was shown at the innovation event „Servus Zukunft“ during Munich Creative Business Week 2019.

CO-CREATION – Collaborative Artefact

Culturespere made the MCBW claim „Design connects“ tangible in form of an interactive installation. The installation invited visitors of the innovation event „Servus Zukunft“ to share their ideas for future regional developments on cards, which they then assembled – into existence came a collaborative artefact, which united the diversity of visions into one physical symbol. The installation was conceived and realised by Culturesphere in cooperation with GMUND Paper and was taking place during Munich Creative Business Week 2019.

Some More Impressions of Our Recent Activities...
Oliver Szasz hosted the panel and held a keynote about creativity in times of digital change.
Two Perspectives – One Mission

We – Ingrid Rügemer and Oliver Szasz – are a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and expert knowledge, which enables us to bring a fresh approach and a unique set of services to the table. We joined forces out of a shared passion for art, craft and design culture and its powerful proposition for nurturing innovation in a organisational context. Together with an international network of collaborators we follow one mission: Providing inspirational and emotional frameworks that nurture innovation capacities and creative thinking at today’s workplace.

Ingrid Ruegemer, Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Culturesphere
Ingrid Rügemer
Co-Founder / Artistic Director

Ingrid’s experience roots in the practical and intellectual engagement with material culture, design strategy and brand building. Additionally to her bachelor degree in communication design she holds a master’s degree in Ceramic Design from the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, and has established herself as an internationally recognised ceramic artist. Her objects and designs are about perceptual awareness as well as the sensory aspects of emotions and man-object relations. Combining her substantial experience in brand development and design strategies with her expertise in craft-oriented design and her well established global network of fellow artists make her the ideal Artistic Director for Culturesphere, a company that strives to connect the creative power of art, craft and design with the corporate world.

Oliver Szasz, Co-Founder & Innovation Director, Cultursphere
Prof. Oliver Szasz
Co-Founder / Managing Director

Oliver has a background in communication design, design thinking and design management, and received a master’s degree in design studies from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London. He holds a professorship in media and communication design at Macromedia University and is responsible for the international design management master program at campus Munich. Prior to his teaching position he successfully ran a multidisciplinary design studio in London for over ten years. His research and project work for major international companies is concerned with creativity studies, human-centred innovation, design thinking and sustainability. He initiated and organized numerous internationally acknowledged conferences, design events and workshops about design as an innovation discipline. With a unique combination of theoretical expertise, practical experience, and a holistic view on design and innovation, he is considered a highly esteemed asset to Culturesphere.

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