The Era of Creativity

We have entered a new economic paradigm. Creativity, the basis of innovation capability, has become one of the most essential key factors for entrepreneurial success today. In a world of rapid change and growing crises, companies and organisations must be aware of the significance of creative thinking and the need to provide the ideal conditions for it to flourish.

The Power of People

People with their creativity and talent, their commitment and motivation determine organisational success today. Fully activating an organisation’s internal innovation capabilities and intellectual resources is crucial for thriving in the current creative economy. Recognising people as the driving force behind visions and promoting positive organisational behaviour is essential.

Creative Thinking

Creativity cannot be commanded or forced, but it can be encouraged. For it to flourish, it needs specific inspirational and emotional frameworks and enabling processes. Inspiring environments, participatory methods, meaningful experiences and making abstract values and visions comprehensible and tangible provide the necessary foundations.

Learning from the Masters

Artists and designers are experts in creative thinking and are well-prepared to cope with uncertainty and decision-making in complex conditions. Positioning art, craft and design culture and utilizing their distinct approaches and methods in the context of organisational behaviour and innovation creates the fertile atmosphere necessary for creative thinking to flourish.

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