Creativity in Times of Digital Change.

Culturesphere hosted a panel discussion with renowned speakers from business, journalism, science and the arts to discuss the role of creativity in today’s world. The digital transformation has changed our daily lives on a multitude of levels. We live in a world of rapid change and are constantly challenged by new technologies. The level of complexity that surrounds us is greater than ever before and the speed of change is unprecedented. We have entered a new business paradigm where creativity is seen as one of the most important factors for business success. Established approaches and processes are no longer able to deal with the complex challenges of current and future problems. New work cultures are emerging with fundamentally different values, new ways of thinking, structures and processes. To support the new functional needs and ways of working, the design of work environments is also changing significantly.

Scientific studies show that physical, emotional and cognitive experiences are closely linked and that environments have a direct influence on people’s creativity. What does this mean for the workplace of the future? What potential do inspiring atmospheres and sensory-aesthetic experiences have in the context of fostering creative confidence and creativity? What might the working environment of the future look like? What role could unique artefacts, meaningful sensory worlds and “tangible” symbols play in this context?

Guest speakers:

John Wai Lam, Global Client Collaboration, Steelcase
Reinhold Ludwig, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Art Aurea
Prof. Werner Kroener, Creativity Researcher and Artist
Bernd Thiedmann, Director, Mensch und Veränderung

The panel talk was part of the Munich Creative Business Week 2019.