From Vision to Strategy to Aktion.

The newly founded Bavarian State Association for Cultural and Creative Industries (BLVKK) commissioned Culturesphere to conduct a strategy workshop to develop visionary perspectives as well as short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals, which could then be transformed into action plans.

The challenge of this strategy workshop: The members of the BLVKK come from all the major Bavarian arts and cultural associations and thus represent a broad spectrum of creative disciplines and a variety of demands and needs. The aim of the workshop was to identify common goals and create a shared vision, which could then be translated into a concrete action plan. The process of the workshop used the Sensory Sensemaking method developed by Culturesphere, which focuses on sensory objects to support transdisciplinary communication and collaboration. A multitude of abstract ideas and perspectives were transformed into tangible scenarios that provided important insights and findings and then formed the basis for debate and the development of a shared vision and mission.