Symbio(s)cene – Creating visionary scenarios beyong the anthropocene.

Culturesphere has founded the non-profit initiative Symbio(s)cene together with biodiversity researcher PD Dr Tina Heger from the Technical University of Munich. The initiative supports the collaboration of arts and sciences with the vision of contributing to shaping sustainable future scenarios that think beyond the Anthropocene. Symbio(s)cene aims to stimulate and to guide the creation of transdisciplinary, integrative visions for a “good life”. Ideas for a future worth living exist in various disciplines and social fields, often with quite precise mental images of what positive effects a social change towards sustainability could have. However, these concrete visions usually remain within the respective contexts. They are usually neither interconnected nor communicated to a broader public. With Symbio(s)cene, we want to bring elusive ideas about livable futures to light.