Seeding Sustainable Futures.

A project by Culturesphere conceived to communicate the potential of individuals and their sustainable behaviour through the power of embodied metaphors. The project, commissioned by the Bavarian Academy for Environment, Health and Sustainable Development, addressed the opportunities of digital change in connection with sustainable developmment goals in companies and organisations. Over 150 participants participated in the project and created a collaborative art installation. During a one-day workshop hundreds of hand made clay seeds were created and displayed in form of an outdoor art installation. At the end of the workshop day the seeds were divided among the participating consultancy firms and were taken to their new homes – to about 60 consultancy offices across Bavaria – to be installed in form of wall installations. The aim of the collaboratively created artefact was to build a physical manifestation that not only to provide a positive collective experience, but also to help to sustain this experience and the shared sense of awareness for sustainable behaviour. Seeding Sustainable Futures is an example that illustrates an art approach to communication. Art has the potential to work on a deep, implicit, emotional and symbolic level rather than just on a rational and abstract level.