Two Perspectives - One Vision

We – Ingrid Rügemer and Oliver Szasz – are a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and expertise, brought together by a shared passion for art, craft and design, and by the vision to bring the arts into organisational, social and environmental contexts as a catalyst for new thinking.

Ingrid Rügemer

Co-Founder / Artistic Director

Ingrid’s experience roots in the practical and intellectual engagement with material culture, design strategy and branding. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree in communication design she holds a Master’s degree in Ceramic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, and has established herself as an internationally recognised ceramic artist. Her objects and designs are about perception as well as the sensual-aesthetic aspects of emotions and human-object relationships. Combining her substantial experience in design strategy with her expertise in craft-oriented design and her well-established global network of fellow artists make her the ideal artistic director for Culturesphere, a company that aims to connect the creative power of art, craft and design with the corporate world.

Prof. Oliver Szasz

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Oliver has a background in communication design, design thinking and design management and received a Master’s degree in design studies from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London. He holds a professorship in media and communication design at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, where he leads the international Master’s programme in design management. Prior to his professorship, he successfully ran a multidisciplinary design studio in London for over ten years. His research and project work for large international companies and NGOs focuses on human-centred innovation, design management and sustainability. In his position as managing director of Culturesphere, he draws on his unique combination of expertise in design research, design consultancy and higher education didactics.