The Arts as a Catalyst

Organisations today understand that the arts, with their approaches, methods and processes, can support organisational culture and value creation in many ways: from inspiring, motivating and enabling individual employees, to developing strategies, structures and processes, to communicating values and visions. The arts represent one of the most important domains of knowledge for the expression of human emotions and values and play a fundamental role in building cultures. They have therefore always had a firm place in social institutions and organisations to convey ways of thinking, values and visions. Especially in today’s turbulent economy and in view of the need for innovation, the arts are of strategic relevance and have great potential to create added value for organisations today.

The Arts and Innovation Culture

Culturesphere positions the arts, their approaches, methods and artefacts strategically into a business context and supports organisations in strengthening their innovation culture in three specific areas: with creating unique and inspiring work environments, with implementing enabling methods and processes, and with communicating values and visions.

Culturesphere - Innovation Culture, Prof. Oliver Szasz

Creative Environments

Innovative thinking can only flourish in conditions that allow space for experimentation, encourage openness to ideas and open up new perspectives. Scientific studies show that physical, emotional and cognitive experiences are closely linked and that the environment has a direct influence on human well-being and consequently on creative thinking. Culturesphere supports companies in their pursuit to provide unique working environments and creative atmospheres that inspire new ways of thinking and encourage a creative mindset. Culturesphere curates arts-based interventions and sensory-aesthetic experiences that help foster employee well-being and motivation, communicate corporate values and culture, and make abstract visions tangible.

Enabling Processes

Today’s complex challenges require methods that provide effective tools to support idea generation, innovativeness, interdisciplinary communication, collaboration, knowledge transfer and strategic decision-making processes. Culturesphere uses artistic approaches and methods as catalysts to help organisations activate the creative potential and confidence of their employees. Culturesphere develops unique arts-based methods and collaborative artefacts to foster team building and communicate abstract ideas, values and visions. Culturesphere offers practice-based masterclasses that support organisations in strategic processes and vision building.

Communicating Visions

Turning visions into reality requires effective communication and the motivation of each and every individual. Abstract ideas, challenging strategies, change processes and shared values must be understandable to all in order to be implemented. The arts, with their visual and embodied approaches, not only have the potential to make abstract values and visions communicable and tangible, they also have a strong emotional impact, supporting identification with an organisation and carrying its identity internally and externally. Culturesphere supports organisations in their quest to communicate visions, create a shared sense of identity, increase employee engagement and strengthen positive employer branding with the powerful visual, symbolic, emotional and aesthetic qualities of the arts.

The Arts and Intangible Values

The arts in a strategic context not only have the potential to strengthen the internal innovation capacity and intellectual resources, the arts and their artefacts also have a positive impact on intangible but not less valuable dimensions of an organisation:

Human Dimension

• Employee Engagement
• Employee Loyalty
• Employee Wellbeing
• Motivation
• Creativity

Relational Dimension

• Brand Image
• Customer Engagement
• Social Networks
• Informal Relationship
• Trust

Structural Dimension

• Organisational Culture
• Corporate Values
• Informal Routines
• Interpersonal Relationships
• Shared Sense of Identity

This is what our clients say about us...

Bavarian Research Alliance

“The magnificent workshop brought us closer to concrete problem solutions. Particularly, it demonstrated ways and means how people can reach out to others and interact playfully and in an unbiased manner across disciplines and levels of hierarchy in order to successfully work together on joint problems. The moderation, know-how and atmosphere were utmost coherent and convincing.”

Dr. Susanne Schmitt,
CEO, Bavarian Research Alliance, Department For Gender Care


“The innovative workshop “Hand, Heart and Head – making the future “tangible” inspired all participants. Prof. Oliver Szasz demonstrated with great humour how to better understand complex problems in a playful way and by means of metaphorical interpretation of objects. He showed how central the hand-brain connection is for the effective processing and communication of complex content and how creativity can be sparked in adults as well. It was an impressive example of how much imagination and creative power is in all of us.”

Matteo Corona,
Chief of Marketing, AOBIS


“A successful mixture of team building and strategy workshop, which continues to work effectively in the long term. Especially for new and heterogeneous teams, this form of workshop is a good way to achieve a highl level of shared understanding in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation.”

Carola Kupfer,
President BLVKK (Bavarian regional association of the cultural and creative industries)