The Era of Creativity

In a world of increasingly immaterial and experiential products, rapid change, and growing crises, organisations today face fundamentally new and complex problems. To be able to flourish, organisations depend on being flexible to change, imaginative, and innovative. Creativity, the basis for innovative thinking, has thus become essential. We have entered a new economic paradigm - the era of creativity.

The Human Dimension

People with their emotive qualities, creative energy and talent, commitment and motivation determine the performance of organisations today. Recognising people as the driving force behind organisational visions, nurturing their creative confidence and innovativeness, and encouraging their positive, dynamic behaviour is crucial to thriving in the current business landscape.

The Value of the Arts in Organisational Contexts

Culturesphere infuses the arts - its approaches, methods and artefacts - into organisational contexts to nurture creative atmospheres and to establish fertile frameworks that positively influence an organisation's behaviour, innovativeness, identity, climate and culture, thus acting as a catalyst for sustainable value creation.

Our Activities and Services...

Culturesphere Gallery, Ingrid Rügemer, Art, Craft, Design, Curation

Gallery Activities

The Culturesphere Gallery was conceived as an experimental space to explore relationships between mind and matter, to promote encounters between people and things, and to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue. The arts, its approaches and its artefacts represent one of the most important domains of intangible and tangible knowledge for the…


Consultancy Services

The Arts as a Catalyst: Organisations today understand that the arts, with their approaches, methods and processes, can support organisational culture and value creation in many ways: from inspiring, motivating and enabling individual employees, to developing strategies, structures and processes, to communicating values and visions. The arts represent…


Some Project Examples...

Culturesphere, Consultancy, Embodied Sensemaking, Strategy workshop, Prof. Oliver Szasz, Ingrid Ruegemer

From Vision to Strategy to Aktion. The newly founded Bavarian State Association for Cultural and Creative Industries (BLVKK) commissioned…

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Crafting New Perspectives. An exhibition curated by Culturesphere which presented art, craft & design in the context of corporate…

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Culturesphere, Embodied Sensemaking, Prof. Oliver Szasz, Strategy, Visions, tactile thinking

Matter, Mind, Dialogue. The interactive installation Matter, Mind, Dialogue was part of the exhibition The Era Of Creativity, which was…

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Seeding Sustainable Futures, Sustainable Mindset, Culturesphere, Prof. Oliver Szasz, Ingrid Ruegemer

Seeding Sustainable Futures. A project by Culturesphere conceived to communicate the potential of individuals and their sustainable…

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Culturesphere, Ingrid Ruegemer, Prof. Oliver Szasz, Future Visions, New Thinking, Innovation, Consultancy, Gallery, Art, Craft, Design, Art Aurea, Reinhold Ludwig

Creativity in Times of Digital Change. Culturesphere hosted a panel discussion with renowned speakers from business, journalism, science…

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Culturesphere, Brand Experience, Multi Sensory Installation, Gmund Paper

Tradition and Innovation. Culturesphere designed and presented a multi-sensory paper installation, which made the traditional and at the…

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